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What is Opal?


Opal, a name originated from a Roman word "Opalus" meaning "to see a change of colors", is the only precious gemstone that possesses the color of rainbow in the world.


Where does Opal source from?


Australia possesses the largest resource and the top quality of opal in the world. There are over 95% of the world's opal come from Australia



How is the formation of Opal?


The physical element of Natural opal is silica. It was formed in the Cretaceous period (65 - 140 million years ago) under a very special series of geological conditions. When an island sea rose, deep weathering caused the sediments to release a lot of soluble silica and formed gel. This gel went into the faults, joints, cracks and voids underground and hardened to form opal. The brilliant colors of opal results from the diffraction of white light passing through the extremely tiny silica particles




How many types of Opal?


Opal can be classified into Solid Opal, Doublet Opal, Triplet Opal, Black Opal, Boulder Opal and Mexican Opal



How to do caring for Opal?


Although the hardness of opal is around 5.5 to 6.5 on Moh' s scale of hardness that is similar to the hardness of pearl and jade, it is a gemstone and should be taken with great care all the time. 

the exposure of chemicals, such as detergent and other chemical cleaners, 
washing dishes, gardening, bathing and doing housework. 
hitting or dropping on hard thing. 
storing in a dry condition. 

use a soft cloth to clean the opal gently

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