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Shine among the Peers...

Peershine's style department employs an exceptional group of designers and stylists in Hong Kong headquarters. They work as a team to design aroung 3000 pieces on different series of innocative and unique fine jewellery for each season. Every Peershine creation is permeated with the spirit of enhancing the own style of each wearer.


To ensure provision of high quality fine jewellery with a reasonable price, we have our own factory in Mainland China. With over 500 workres and 200,000 square feet, the factory couples with sophisticated manufacturing technology, e.g. CAD/CAM, laser injection model making system and special jewelry finishing and casting machines. Peershine offers a wide range of fine jewelry with annual production of over 250,000 pieces being exported to countries all around the world. Our products include pendants, ringd, earring, bracelets, brooches and necklaces set in 9K, 10K, 14K and 18K gold, PT 900 platinum and 925 Sterling Silver.

All-round Service

Flexibility is one of the elements, which makes Peershine successful. With our excellent design team and production line, we welcome and are able to tailor-make fine jewellery for customers to suit their own particular market. We also provide professional advice and full support to manufacture their desired jewellery. Our ultimate goal is to assist our customers to becoming one of the most radiant wholesalers or retailers in thier market.

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